Class levels



Level 1 – Absolute Beginners to Beginner-trained Dancers

This level of AOS is built around the every day woman!  The “PRIVATES” is a group for women who have always wanted to dance, perform, and be on stage in front of a crowd!  Now is your chance ladies!  In this training session, one of our “Sergeants of Sass” (AOS teachers) will teach you all of the moves from scratch so you can be sassy and confident in your big performance.


Level 2 – Intermediate/Advanced in Heels Dance Training

This is the perfect level in the AOS training program for women who have a trained dance background and can pick up choreography quickly, execute basic jazz and hip hop techniques, and can really dance in heels!  This level is also a great goal for our “PRIVATES” to work towards!  This group of ladies will train in our ‘SASS’ classes as well as learn 2 or more choreographed pieces for their term end show!


Level 3 – Advanced/Professional in Jazz/Hip Hop/Heels Dance Training

These women have worked for years in the studio and are ready to be challenged!  With extensive dance training in hip-hop, jazz, and ballet these women are ready to show it all in their HEELS!  These ladies get to work with numerous leading local choreographers to not only challenge them, but to ensure their artistic growth as dancers is being nourished.  The LIEUTENANTS will perform 3 or more numbers with the opportunity to be cast as principals in our AOS term end shows.


Open level – AOS Drop-in Class

The “SASS CLASS” is the ARMY of SASS Drop-in Class!  If you’re not able to commit to the full AOS program you’re still welcome to experience our DROP-IN class and learn all of the moves!  Just check out our locations, levels, dates, and times in your area!



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