Licensing FAQ

[accordion clicktoclose=true tag=p][accordion-item title=”Who can be a licensee?”]Canadian citizen over 19 years of age.[/accordion-item][accordion-item number=”1″ title=”Is there a buy in?”]NO!  Our fearless leader Founder/CEO of ARMY of SASS Carla Catherwood came from a dance background with no formal business education and knows what it’s like to be a dancer with a dream, goal and vision. Often that buy in number (usually in the thousands) would be unthinkable for those of us in the dance industry. So rather than giving you a “step up and pay up or get out” mentality, she’s giving her community a hand up by providing a FREE education program for those looking to run their own AOS program with small start up fees, flat fee payment per registered student and no percentages. Just simple and fair making it win-win for everyone.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What are the upfront licensing costs?”] There are three main costs to get you started with licensing the ARMY of SASS

  1. Pay for your travel to get to the AOS Summit in Toronto. The education portion of it is FREE. Learn more about how you can crowdfund to get yourself to the summit!
  2. Flat affordable licensing fee for the year to be paid upon signing your contract. (APPLY TO BE A LICENSEE HERE AND WE WILL SEND YOU AN INFORMATION PACKAGE.)
  3. Flat affordable digital marketing fee, which will include your own satellite city website, email address, and art work to use for promotion of your first AOS session. (APPLY TO BE A LICENSEE HERE AND WE WILL SEND YOU AN INFORMATION PACKAGE)

We’ve created this business model so it is low risk and attainable for you to create not only your own AOS community but a sustainable income while doing so! For each student registered/session, you will pay a small flat fee for both the program and the show; meaning you will only have to pay out on the amount of students you have making it low risk.

Rather than paying percentages and having you buy into the brand, you will just pay one small fee per year to license, one fee to get your base digital information with two smaller and very affordable digital media packages and for each student you have registered you will pay a small flat fee/registration for both the program and the show portion that way making it affordable and attainable for you to always be making money as long as you put the work in![/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What are the qualifications needed to license?”]In order to be a city licensee you need to have the following qualifications:

  • Be passionate about dance
  • Have a strong and respected dance following/community in the area you are applying to license
  • Healthy work ethic
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Love working with a team and with people
  • Can handle problem solving
  • If teaching the AOS program/classes you must be a dance instructor with advanced to professional level of training as a dancer
  • Love to dance in HEELS!

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Where and how do I sign up to be a licensee?”]APPLY TO BE A LICENSEE HERE[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How long does my licensing last?”]It is a one-year term with a “first right of refusal” option for the two years after signing the licensing agreement.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”When licensing a territory, will I have any form of competition with other licensees?”]NO! You will have sole rights to your town/city/territory. If there is another AOS program in the town next to you we’ve seen in our own experiences that the students that live in a certain area will stick to where they live out of convenience.

We’ve also found that it’s great when the communities are so close as it’s proven to help gain momentum in the overall area rather than hurt one another’s ability to grow and sustain their own AOS programing.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What if there is already an ARMY of SASS in my area?”]We can connect you with the licensees as they may be looking to hire new teachers or expand what they are already doing.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What is the AOS SUMMIT, how much does it cost, and when is it?”]The AOS SUMMIT is a FREE 7-day educational program for those looking to license and run their own areas and learn how to teach the AOS HEELS style!

Cost… what cost!?? For those accepted into the licensing program the AOS SUMMIT is FREE! Learn more about the AOS SUMMIT!

The AOS SUMMIT is in Toronto, ON this July 24-30, 2016.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”When are applications due by?”]The application deadline for the Summer 2016 – Spring 2017 season will be June 1st 2016.

However note: if you’re wanting to take claim on your territory you will want to apply sooner rather than later as licenses are issued first-come, first-served.  If another candidate in your area applies and is accepted before you, you would have missed the boat.  So even if you’re thinking of licensing…APPLY![/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How often does the AOS SUMMIT happen?”]Currently it is just once a year at the end of July.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”What does the license include?”]Learn more about how to make sustainable income through licensed AOS channels[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”If I’m a city licensee can I hire outside teachers?”]YES! But only if they are certified through the AOS SUMMIT! So if you’re looking to license the program but not teach it, you will need to have the teacher come for the dance training portion of the SUMMIT. Learn more about the AOS SUMMIT![/accordion-item][/accordion]

Have any further questions?

Once your initial application is accepted, a member of the ARMY of SASS headquarters will be in touch with you to help with any further questions or inquiries!



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