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Train. Sweat. Perform.

ARMY of SASS is a training and performance program for all levels, designed to build confidence and gain physical strength while developing sassy dance skills in heels.

There are 3 different 10-week sessions per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Every week you will train for 2 hours on drills and choreography. At the end of the session, you will showcase your new sassy moves in a themed performance with your fellow AOS dancers!

Your week just got a whole lot SASSIER!

This session, join 2000+ dancers across North America as we train together and perform together in an original show!

• Spring 2019 session runs from April to June. Program & registration dates vary by location.
• Early bird registration for Spring Session opens on February 24.
• Regular registration for Winter Session opens on March 10.

Join us and be part of this growing community and movement!

All Skill Levels

Absolute Beginners to Beginner-Trained Dancers

Intermediate to Advanced in Heels Dance

Advanced to Professional in Jazz/Hip Hop/Heels Dance

• Classes •


There are no classes available.

• Rates •

Full year • 3 sessions

Available June 10 - October 17

$900 +tax

• Unlimited drop-in classes across Canada & US (space permitting; please contact individual locations regarding availability)
• Reserved spot for 'Full session' registration
• Valid for 3 sessions: Fall, Winter & Spring

Full session • Early bird

Available February 24 - March 9

$260 +tax

• 2 hrs / week for 10 weeks
• 1 full cast rehearsal
• Performance

Full session • Regular

Available March 10 - May 1

$285 +tax

• 2 hrs / week for 10 weeks
• 1 full cast rehearsal
• Performance


Contact us for current rates

$15 to 30

• 1 hr class
• First come, first served
• Contact us for availability & payment options

• Shows •

Army of Sass Presents Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel – March 21, 2020

Doors 5:40 pm • Show 6:00 pm

Sat • March 21
Matsqui Centennial Auditorium

$25 in advance • $30 at the door

Buy tickets
Doors 8:40 pm • Show 9:00 pm

Sat • March 21
Matsqui Centennial Auditorium

$25 in advance • $30 at the door

Buy tickets

• Spotlight •

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• AOS Abbotsford Team •

Carla Catherwood

Commander-in-chief (CEO & Founder)


Carla Catherwood
Commander-in-chief (CEO & Founder)

Carla Catherwood

Carla knows what it’s like to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Dedicated, focused and driven to detail best describe her work habits. With over 20 years professionally in the dance industry and over 10 years experience as a self-made entrepreneur, she has worked not only as a professional dancer, choreographer, and producer, but most importantly as an entrepreneur, teacher, and mentor to many developing up-and-comers.

Her mentoring and teaching style consists of clarifying and developing the direct abilities that are needed to become a successful performer, teacher, and AOS Licensee by educating them on function, technique, and leadership skills. She has a special talent in bringing out what is natural within each individual by pushing them into what she calls “The Pocket” of each movement, teaching method, or leadership goal.


Carla’s story: how it all started

It started with a twist of fate…

About 11 years ago I was out with some dance friends and a fellow teacher from LA in Vancouver.  We were having a good time dancing the night away.  Next thing you know… a shootout between two gangs erupted and there were some innocent victims caught in the crossfire.  Luckily I was pushed out of the way and only grazed with a bullet (but don’t worry I’m ok! I was blessed enough that all I needed was a band aid on my wrist!)  Unfortunately there were a few innocent victims… one of them being my friend from LA.  I was blessed to have walked away pretty much unharmed considering what had happened.  At that point I knew I needed to do something to help my friend.

Fast forward to one year after the incident, I joined forces with the pretty much the entire entertainment community of Vancouver to put together a fundraiser in honour our friend to help with his recovery process and costs. PS. he’s doing great now!

With it being the first show I had ever produced… and as a dancer and choreographer I naturally wanted to put together a piece of choreography for the show… but it needed to be DIFFERENT! Later that week I saw a cabaret burlesque-style dance troupe on TV and I said “YESSSSSS I’m going to do something like that!” I gathered 10 of my girls and we did a burlesque inspired piece for the fundraiser. Vancouver HAD NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! People went crazy! So I decided to keep doing it!

I created a dance crew called Burlesque Beauties with a few of my girls and had a ton of fun! We did everything from lounge gigs, to corporate events over the years and even performed at the infamous Playboy Mansion! As time went on I wanted to perform less and teach more so I coined the style “Nuvo-Burlesque” and started to teach the heel’s style to dancers of all levels.

The day before I moved from Vancouver to Toronto in 2010 I was in a car accident and my injury made performing a challenge so at the age of 29 rolling on 30 I knew it was time to throw in the ‘performing towel’ and go full speed ahead with producing, choreography, and teaching.

So there I was… alone in a new city and not sure where to start.  I got a call from my mom and she reminded me I was doing cabaret and shows, she said “why don’t you put together a program for your students and have them be part of your show”.  So, “DING”, a light went off! Great idea mom! I’ll do that!!! So there it all began!

  • It started with 12 girls in Toronto under the “Nuvo-Burlesque Performance & Training Group”
  • After a year I created the first satellite program in Vancouver
  • I was building something and it was time to come up with a better name!
  • So while in class with 25 plus women strutting towards me… “DING” again! They just looked like an ARMY OF SASS!
  • And that was it; yep that’s the name! The ARMY of SASS was born and there was no turning back!

As of the beginning of 2015, just over 10 years from when I began all of this, we have over 275 registered students across the country with over 100 in Toronto and the rest in our satellite cities Vancouver, Abbotsford, Penticton, Kelowna and Calgary!  I am so HAPPY to be able to share my wealth of knowledge about not only running a sustainable and profitable business but also sharing the personal lessons I’ve learned along the way…

For all of my dancers out there wanting to build something of your own but don’t know the steps to get there… I hear you and I feel you!  I’ve been there… Please understand that: I know what it’s like to have a dream and not have the funds to do it, to be broke, to be on your own, to grow up in a small town and want more.  I’ve lived through tragedy and setbacks, but most importantly I’ve learned to overcome all of them to get to where I am today and that is why I am doing this licensing program with a free education portion.  It was built so my AOS team and me can help eliminate the struggle for you to build and achieve your dreams!

If your dream is to run your own AOS program, we look forward to helping you do that!

I’m here to EDUCATE, CREATE and PAY IT FORWARD to my dance community.  It doesn’t matter if 5 or 500 people license this program, what matters to me is to be able to provide a FREE and strong education program to help those that wish to do what I do without the personal, physical, financial, and educational struggle I had endured.

If I can leave you with any form of advise it’s simply this… “There’s a solution to every problem and if there’s a solution… there’s no problem!”



Jennifer Long

General Manager


Jennifer Long
General Manager

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long proudly brings over 15 years of diverse management and marketing experience to every project she tackles.

Hailing from the lush hills of Prince Edward Island, Jennifer is pleased to now call Vancouver home. A graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, Jennifer has been an entertainer since the age of three! Her first job at age 13 was definitely unusual; at a family friend’s suggestion, she auditioned for (and was subsequently hired to play) the leading character at Canadian World Theme Park in Japan. After pursuing a decade-long professional career in the arts, she decided to focus her talents on the behind-the-scenes world of arts management, including contracts with Canadian Idol, Canada Games, Vancouver Circus School, and Army of Sass Canada.

A self-professed “life long learner”, Jennifer holds a variety of post-secondary and continuing studies certifications including Event Management (Holland College), Professional Bookkeeper (Langara College), and is currently working towards her CPA designation in British Columbia.



Jeni-Rae Stacey

Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Jeni-Rae Stacey
Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Jeni-Rae Stacey

Jeni-Rae grew up as a natural mover. Whatever sport, dance or musical group she could join, she did. For many years she played and sang in a traditional Dixieland jazz band, steel drum band, R&B band and choir. She attributes her love and knowledge of music for discovering and falling in love with dance.

She discovered the Goddess Movement in 2009, at the age of only 19. She quickly fell hard for the atmosphere of the studio and the strength and beauty of its arts. She became an instructor in 2011 and has spent the last seven years of her life dedicating herself to empowering beautiful women across the Fraser Valley.

Jeni-Rae started her journey with Army of Sass as Abbotsford’s first assistant. She is beyond excited to now share her passion and fiery personality as one of Abbotsford’s Sergeants of Sass.

Jeni-Rae carries a group fitness certification and is a certified instructor in Army of Sass, pole, aerial yoga, and aerial acrobatic arts.




Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Sergeant (AOS Teacher)


Profile is coming soon.



Natasha Penner

Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Natasha Penner
Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Natasha Penner

Natasha Penner has danced in all styles for most of her life. Throughout her younger dance years, she always had an interest in the style of dance that Army Of Sass provides. When people asked Natasha what she wanted to be when she was older, she often answered with “Burlesque Dancer.” When she graduated high school where she taught in the school dance program for four years, she also stopped dancing competitively, something she had done for 15 years. After 2 years, Natasha decided to get back into dance through Army Of Sass.

Natasha enjoys teaching other women how to have a positive outlook on themselves and one another, just as she learned to do through the program. AOS has reignited her passion for dance, while adding that sassy and sexy piece she always felt was missing from her younger dance years.



Jewel Miller

Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Jewel Miller
Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Jewel Miller

Jewel began dancing at the age of 11. She quickly fell in love and decided dancing was always going to be a major part of her life. Jewel apprenticed in New York City for the “Break Through Movement” dance company which has helped shape her into the dancer she is today. Jewel has also trained with some of the world’s leading choreographers. She is most known for her stylized choreography and funny uplifting spirit! Jewel has been teaching many styles of dance for the last 4 years. Last Summer, Jewel was given her certificate by Carla Catherwood to be an certified heels instructor with Army of Sass. And the rest is history!



Lorissa Arndt

Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Lorissa Arndt
Sergeant (AOS Teacher)

Lorissa Arndt

Lorissa has always loved dancing and expressing herself through movement and music, but she didn’t start dancing in a studio setting until she was an adult. That just goes to show, it’s never too late!

This quickly advanced to Lorissa training in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, LA and New York. Lorissa has a genuine love for the stage, where she can immerse herself into character and role originality. Lorissa is a strong dance teacher, natural performer, and choreographer for beginners through professionals. She specializes in teaching hip hop, free style, high heels performance and creating a space for students to discover their inner rhythm.

Lorissa has over ten years of experience teaching street dance in all levels and to all ages. Some of Lorissa’s credits include 2010 Winter Olympics, 2013/2014 The Abbotsford Heat Hockey Team-Co-Captain of the ‘Fever’ Performance Team, 2014 Grey Cup Parade, 2014 Business Excellence Awards, 2014/2015/2017 Vertical Theatre presented by the Goddess Movement, Entertainment Chair for the 2016 BC Summer Games, Choreographer and performer in the 2017 production “Find My Way”.

Lorissa is a registered member of the British Columbia Dance Educators’ Association and International Dance Teaching Standards. Lorissa was nominated for and won the Arty Award for Outstanding Dancer in 2014. She was nominated for the 2016 Promotion Plus Leadership Award (girls and women in sport and physical activity) in partnership with the BC Games Society.

Lorissa believes the best teachers are the ones who remain students. She personally strives to constantly learn, grow and develop her artistry. She also believes that there are many transferable skills between learning to dance and successful living, which she models for her students in and out of dance class.



• FAQ •

Check out these frequently asked questions, or contact us using the form below.

  • Do I need dance experience to join the ARMY of SASS?

    NOT AT ALL! We have classes in 3 different levels:

    • Beginner (and yes we mean absolute, never been in a dance class kind of beginner)
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced & professional

  • What do I wear?

    • For training: stretchy, comfortable and SASSY clothes that you feel fabulous in!
    • For performance: costumes will depend on the production theme for that term.

  • What kind of shoes do I wear?

    Comfortable, CLEAN, and thick heeled indoor shoes! Doesn’t matter what height of heel, just as long as you are comfortable! Be mindful of stilettos… they may look fabulous for a night out, but wearing them while trying to execute the AOS moves for two hours can be difficult. If you’re first starting out we suggest a good pair of kitten heels or sneaker wedges!

  • How much is the ARMY of SASS program?

    The program is currently $285.00 plus taxes and fees for each 10-week program where you receive 2 hours/week of training, an all-cast rehearsal, and a session end performance.

    That comes out to $13.75/class! Normally in the dance/fitness industry, drop-in classes are $20.00. That is a savings of $6.25/class!

    Please note: registration fees are non-refundable.

  • How much are the drop-in Sass classes?

    Drop-in pricing will vary by location; generally classes are $15-$30. Please contact the location leader for pricing information.

  • Can I try my first class for FREE?

    YES! Contact us using the contact form below to get your FREE pass to a Sass class in your area!

    NOTE: this promotion is for first-time students only.

  • How can I pay for the program or drop-in?

    Drop-ins are generally cash only, payable when you arrive at the drop-in class; first-come, first-served. Contact a location near you for info!

    Program payments are generally accepted via Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard, cash, and cheque. Payment types may vary by location; click “Register now” for full details.

    Please take note that some AOS locations do charge taxes, where applicable.

  • Do we have class cards for drop-in Sass classes?

    Some locations do, but not all. Please reach out to a location near you for info; you can use the online contact form below to do so.

  • Are there any other costs incurred by the AOS Program?

    YES! Just one. It is for the costume that you will be performing in. NOTE: We often use many of the same pieces over and over again, and just layer them with different affordable accessories or pieces so you don’t have to spend too much money. If it is your first time we would safely say you will end up spending roughly $80.00-$100.00 on the base pieces costume (getting your staple pieces: fishnets, thigh high socks, and bodysuit or dress). Each session may have different costume requirements; check with your location licensee on the exact costs for each show.

  • Are there financing/payment plans available for the program?

    Payment plans may vary by location. Please use the online contact form below to speak with a location near you!

  • Can anyone take a class?

    EVERYONE who is willing to dance and be fabulous in heels is welcome in our classes! Army of Sass is open to anyone of legal age in their province/state, all abilities, and all genders.

  • Can people watch?

    Not the whole class. If someone is picking one of you up after class and the door is open or there is a viewing mirror in the studio, yes they can watch at the end.

  • Questions or comments ? Contact us here !

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